Grimm Episode Review – 4×02 – Octopus Head

Octopus Head” continues to the wesen storyline of the season 4 premiere, which involved Lawrence Anderson, a Gedächtnis Esser trying to steal memories. The last episode ended with Trubel going undercover to stop this wesen, Renard apparently dying. In this episode, we finally catch up with Adalind who finally arrived to Europe to get Baby Diana. She’s in for a big surprise.

Sean Renard lives thanks to his mom

The most important issue of the episode relied on the life of a regular character, and it was answered really quickly during the first minutes. He was saved by the mysterious blond woman (Louise Lombard), who showed up during the last minutes of the premiere episode “Thanks for the Memories”. So who is she? Well, we were right. She is Renard’s Hexenbiest mom, who we only heard her voice in an early season 3 episode. And she is really powerful.

Monroe and Rosalee’s quest to help Nick

There was certainly a lack of Monroe and Rosalee, but their scenes were important to show their quest to help Nick regain his Grimm powers back. Nick really has great friends. Even when Juliette asked them to stop searching for a solution, Monroe and Rosalee decided to continue their search. And it will continue in next week’s episode with the help of Renard’s mom. If Adalind the Hexenbiest can take Nick’s Grimm powers away, then Renard’s Hexenbiest mom can restore them.

Adalind in a cage

Prince Viktor knows how to get what he wants. He got Adalind to remove Nick’s powers, so after that, he locked her in a dungeon, full of rats. She finally realized that she was tricked. But what does she do now? How will she escape? When will she find Diana? And what’s going on between Nick and Adalind?

Nick and Adalind’s connection

Adalind’s spell on Nick has serious consequences for both of them. Nick and Adalind’s connection was that they could see through each other’s eyes at times. It will certainly help Nick and Renard to know where Adalind might be, in case they need her, but poor Nick will suffer too. He can’t catch a break. Juliette might reconsider what she told to Monroe and Rosalee about not getting Nick’s powers back, after she finds out that Adalind can see through Nick’s eyes. It’s going to get really awkward for Nick, Juliette, and his friends.

Trubel’s in real trouble

Trubel might be the only Grimm in town, but she still needed to be saved from Mr. Octopus by Nick and Hank. I really liked that he caused his own misery by stealing Trubel’s nightmares (some wesen memories). He did not seem to take them really well in that cell. And it was revealed that he was a spy. However, Trubel is not safe. At the end, Agent Chavez (Elizabeth Rodriguez) kidnapped Trubel. What does she want with her?

Wu’s putting the pieces together

Can somebody tell Wu the truth? The guy is figuring everything little by little. In this episode, he suspects something wrong about Trubel, and finally he remembered her as being a suspect in Trubel’s first episode “Nobody Know the Trubel I’ve Seen”. How long can Nick and Hank keep lying to him? How will that affect their work dynamic? And what’s going to take for Nick to finally be honest to him?

The episode set some stories for the next new episode “Last Fight” with Agent Chavez’s storyline now that she kidnaps Trubel. Also, Renard’s mother surely dislikes the Royals so she will probably help Monroe and Rosalee in their search to restore Nick’s powers. Finally, Nick and Adalind will have to deal with the repercussion of Adalind’s spell. How long until it is solved?

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