Grimm Episode Review – 3×21 – The Inheritance

The great part about this week’s Grimm episode “The Inheritance” was that the show finally moved the keys storyline, which has been practically non existent since Nick gave his key to Rosalee in the season two finale ”Goodnight Sweet Grimm”.


The Keys’ storyline finally develops

I think it was really exciting to have three generations of Grimms in one episode. Now that Nick has more keys in his possession, what is the next step? The Royals will surely want them. What does the map that the keys form is for? Will Nick and company look for more keys or will they wait for someone to give them? As of now, Nick has been really passive involving the keys. I hope that Nick decides to search for the rest of them. Still, there are so many questions that the show needs to answer.

I really enjoyed the relationship between the older Grimm and his son, who did not understand much about the Grimm situation that his father was in. I hope that the shows bring his character back; maybe he will become a Grimm too.

Nick and Juliette treat Trubel a little bit like a daughter, or young troubled sibling. It’s a different dynamic that we have not seen on the show yet.


Rosalee’s wedding concerns

Rosalee usually is a really calm person, but surely a wedding can make everyone a little bit worried. I really enjoyed the scene where Rosalee shares her concerns with Monroe. It’s a really sweet and real moment between them that shows what a great couple they are. But it’s obvious that Rosalee is right. Something bad will happen at their wedding.


Adalind’s revenge journey continues

So Adalind wants to pose as Juliette so she can trick Nick. What does she gain from this? Well, she believes that the Royals will give her baby back, but of course they are just manipulating her. In the episode “Nobody Know’s the Trubel I’ve Seen“, Prince Viktor tells Adalind that she should return Nick’s favor for taking away her powers. But why would the Royals (Prince Viktor) want to take away Nick’s powers when last season Prince Eric Renard wanted to bring Nick to Europe?

I’m a little bit confused about where this storyline is going and what is the motivation from either part. But surely, after Adalind gained sympathy points with having the baby, she is loosing them with this revenge plot. Adalind is a great character when she has her bad side but you feel some sympathy for her. I still wish that she becomes an ally to Nick and the whole Grimm gang, but her latest actions are making it less likely. I don’t think Nick and the Grimm gang will forgive her after the chaos she’s doing.

I really love that Adalind used a witch’s hat. That was fun. Sean has the chance to stop what Adalind is doing. Sean needs to act smart and warn Nick, Juliette and the Grimm gang about Adalind’s doings. He knows that she’s up to no good after he saw Adalind stole Juliette’s hair and underwear.

I’m really worried about next week’s finale episode. I do not like where this is going. It seems that the finale focuses on Adalind posing as Juliette to probably take away Nick’s powers. I had hoped that the finale’s main focus, aside from the wedding, was the keys storyline that this episode was about. I wish that the finale’s events do not lead to Nick and Juliette’s relationship drama because they have suffered quite a bit since the beginning of the show.

If Adalind’s goal is to take away Nick’s powers, I hope that the writers consider that being a zombie changed Nick’s blood and that has a different consequence that Adalind wanted and has forseen. It’ll be more interested if Adalind somehow fails in her revenge or somehow does not accomplish her mission. To be honest, a powerless Nick seems to be too predictable to be the cliffhanger of the finale.

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