Grimm Episode Review – 3×20 – My Fair Wesen

My Fair Wesen” picks up exactly when the previous episode ended. Trubel lives up to her name and brings lots of trouble to Nick’s world. It was interesting episode that finally explains what kind of wesen Ryan (The Wesen Intern who pretended to be a Grimm in season two episode ten “The Hour of Death”). It’s great that the show incorporates wesen we have seen previously into new cases.


Tension in Nick and Juliette’s house

Bring Trubel to the house without talking about it, doesn’t sit well with Juliette. And she’s right. Nick should have talk to her about this situation and discuss about it. In the end, the house is both Nick and Juliette’s. And Trubel has no eating habits. Will a third party at the house bring joy or more tension into Nick and Juliette’s relationship? I think that Juliette is finally realizing the implication of being with a Grimm.


Nick Teaches Trubel the Art of Being a Grimm Cop

Trubel bring more trouble when she talked a little too much during a murder scene. Mentioning the word “wesen” is not a good idea when you have Wu just beside you. Maybe Drew Wu will start to suspect and do a little investigation of his own about all weird things in Portland. Even Hank had to teach Trubel on what’s okay to talk in the crime scene.

The case of the week was an interesting way to get to know more about Trubel. I really enjoyed seeing Nick’s protective side. He was extremely worried for her own younger Grimm. It’s an interesting dynamic between Nick and Theresa “Trubel” that the show has not shown yet.


Adalind’s Journey for Hexenbaby Revenge

Adalind is really mad and that’s not good for our Grimm gang. What’s really puzzling about Adalind is that she apparently is being manipulated by Prince Viktor, to make her do what he wants. But what it’s going to be her revenge? The most obvious choice right now is that she’ll take away Nick’s Grimm powers. Or maybe she’ll reverse the obsession spell between Sean and Juliette. Hopefully neither of them happens. If someone has to suffer Adalind’s madness, that person should be Sean Renard. One thing that I’m pretty sure is that Adalind will create lots of chaos in Rosalee and Monroe’s wedding in the final episode.

I really like that the show mentioned Adalind’s mother.


A new Key Arrives to Portland

The ending of the show hinted that someone has another key, which hopefully means that this storyline will be explore in the upcoming episodes. The last time we saw Nick’s key was in the season two finale “Goodnight Sweet Grimm” when he gave Rosalee the key to hide it in the spice shop.


Other observations:

Not enough Monroe and Rosalee. Their wedding is approaching, but the last couple of episode had been very Monrosalee light.


At the end of the episode, NBC showed a promo for the last episodes of the season. Judging by the promo, there were some shocking images. A shot, a kiss, a wedding. Hopefully some of it is a hallucination or a flashback, because I don’t think the show needs to revisit that last season’s storyline. However, I’m excited that the show is revisiting the Keys storyline, which is one of the most interesting arcs of the show, which has not been explored this season.

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