Grimm Episode Review – 3×18 – The Law of Sacrifice

The Law of Sacrifice” is the continuation of last week’s episode “Synchronicity”, and puts an end, for the foreseeable future, to Hexenbaby storyline. It was a really exciting episode, filled with action, humor that makes Grimm such an enjoyable fun show. The episode was filled with lots of twist and turns unlike other episodes, which led to a very suspenseful hour of Grimm. The last two episodes have been probably some of the most exciting of the entire show.


Since the episode its called “The Law of Sacrifice”, I was expecting a death during the episode. Thankfully, there was none, and instead, Sean and Adalind’s giving up the baby was the real sacrifice of the episode.


Adalind’s character evolution

Adalind started as one villain during the show’s first season, creating a lot of chaos to Nick’s life (trying to kill Aunt Marie and Hank, putting Juliette in a coma). However, it has been joyful to watch Adalind grow as a character specially after giving birth to her baby. She’s not just a dark force in Grimm’s story but a sincere and sarcastic side in her personality has made a really interesting character. Claire Coffee has done a great job in her acting portrayal of Adalind.

Now that her baby has been taken away from her, it will surely release a really dark side of Adalind, which we haven’t seen before. I really felt sorry for Adalind at the end of the episode. She truly loves her baby Diana. Who would have thought that viewers would feel sorry for her after all her terrible actions? And who can Adalind really trust?

I really enjoy Adalind and Sean’s relationship, and there were sweet moments between them in the episode. But how will their relationship be after what happened to the baby?


Nick’s call to Monroe and Rosalee

One of the best hilarious and honest moments in the episode was Nick’s call to Monroe and Rosalee. Nick’s explanation of the whole situation was completely honest, but it made for some funny exchange of words between Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, and Kelly. Monroe and Rosalee’s reaction to the Captain being the father of Adalind’s baby was exactly what you expect. I really enjoy that Nick calls Monroe in the middle of the night, specially during this call, Nick was in a chipper mood despite the seriousness of the situation, which made the entire conversation funnier.


Prince Viktor’s visit to Portland

Prince Eric’s visit to Portland took an entire season to happen. After eleven episodes since his first appearance, Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof), or like Wu trying to say his entire name, finally comes to Portland in search of the baby. Both times that the Royals come to Portland it shakes the show in a good direction, because all the storylines are centered in just one place.


Hank’s reaction to Adalind having a baby

I was really glad that the viewers got to watch Hank’s reaction to Adalind’s baby. His fear that it was his baby was understandable and funny, but his relief that the baby was not his, was even funnier.


The entire planned plot to save the baby

The whole episode was full of twists and turns, and I truly did not know what the characters were going to do to solve the baby issue. I like that all the Grimm character worked together to save the baby. Every moment of the episode was part of the big plan, which made the episode and the resolution to the story more fascinating. There were lots of great moments: Adalind staying with Monroe and Rosalee, Nick, Sean, and Kelly working together, Hank spying on Prince Viktor, the sweet and revealing conversation about sacrifice between Kelly and Adalind in the precint, Sean giving up the baby, Adalind’s desperation of loosing her baby, and the whole Grimm gang rescuing the baby from Prince Viktor.


Mama Burkhardt leaves with Diana (aka the Hexenbaby)

Since Mama Burkhardt arrived in last week’s episode, Kelly leaving Portland with the Hexenbaby was a very strong option to finish this storyline for now. Having a baby in a show like Grimm as a permanent character would probably have caused some issues in the show in the long run, although taking care of the Hexenbaby would probably had been hilarious to watch for some episodes. I really hope to see Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio back on the show. There are a lot of storylines such as the coins (it was weird that they never mention the coins, since the last time Kelly left Portland was to destroy them) and the many unresolved mother and son issues between her and Nick that need to be shown.


Other observations:

I really like that Nick used his super hearing during the Verrat attack. Hopefully, future episode show us more of Nick’s super powers that were so important at the beginning of this season.


Favorite quotes and moments:


Nick: You find that attractive? Really? (About Adalind’s Hexenbiest woge)


Sean: Well, you did sleep with my brother.

Adalind: And you slept with my mother.

Sean: I suppose we belong together.


The entire phone conversation between Nick, Kelly, Monroe, and Rosalee, was awesome.


Kelly: For the record, she fell on a shard of glass.


Rosalee: Where is the baby’s father?

Nick: That would be the Captain.

Monroe and Rosalee: YOUR CAPTAIN?


Monroe: Is this safe?

Nick: It’s pretty safe.


Monroe: How was my German?

Hank: I believed it.

Monroe: But you don’t speak German.


Grimm writer, bring back Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Nick’s mom in a more frequent way.


Grimm returns on April 25 with an all new episode 3×19 “Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen”, which will introduce the character of Trubel, played by Jaqueline Toboni, who will appear in the last four episodes of the season. She is a new Grimm that Nick will help and teach. But because this is Grimm, what do you think would be the twist in this storyline?

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