Grimm Episode Review – 3×17 – Synchronicity

Synchronicity” is probably the episode that season three has been building up to, and it did not disappoint. It was a great episode that featured Adalind’s storyline finally colliding into the other Grimm character’s storyline and brought a welcome guest to Portland, that’s why there was no time for a case of the week.


Adalind Finally Leaves Europe

Adalind had been in Europe for more than one season, and finally she leaves and return to Portland. It was a moment that helped her storyline become more interesting since we can finally see her interact with the other Grimm characters.  Adalind’s goodbye to Meisner was short but sweet, and I believe that we have not seen the last of him. This is surely a relationship that has future potential.


Kelly Burkhardt (Nick’s Mom) Returns

Great reintroduction to Nick’s mom. I’ve been waiting to see Kelly back on Grimm. The emails to Nick were not enough. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was great as usual as Nick’s mom. I’ve really enjoyed that the episode showcase a fun side to the character in spite of the weird circumstances that she returned to Portland. Kelly definitively brought a lot of additional excitement to Grimm. I really hope that Kelly appears in a more recurring role in the future.


Grimm’s Flashback

Since Kelly first appeared in the season one finale, I was hoping that the show showed us some flashbacks to Nick’s childhood. It was great scene, specially fantastic casting of Young Kelly, Young Nick, and Young Aunt Marie. Young Kelly surely looked like a younger Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio.

Let’s hope to see more Nick’s flashbacks, maybe to his first case with Hank, or the time he first met Juliette when he was still in uniform.


How Wesen See a Grimm

One of the most important aspects of the show that fans have been asking for three years is finally revealed. How Do a Wesen See a Grimm? Nick’s concern about the potential violent consequences at Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding question him about this issue. In a hilarious scene, Monroe and Rosalee explain to Nick that it’s his eyes that turn kind of black and Wesen see their true self in them. I’ve really like this explanation, because it was something I already thought it was. Solution for the wedding: Nick wears sunglasses. He will probably look awesome or dorky but at least Monroe, Rosalee and Nick are happy.


Nick and Juliette’s relationship

Nick’s proposal come to light again and it’s an issue that’s been in stand by since episode sixteen of season one “The Things with Feathers”, where Juliette rejects Nick’s proposal because she though she was hiding him secrets. Now that Nick finally has the courage to ask her again and Juliette knows everything Grimm, he is interrumtped by his mom. Hopefully, this storyline continues in future episode.


Adalind and Kelly Reconnect with Nick and Juliette

I enjoyed this scene. Every line was pretty awesome. Juliette’s reaction to Adalind was fantastic and Nick reminding everything that Adalind has done (trying to kill Aunt Marie, putting Juliette in a coma) was great. It was hilarious that Kelly barely remembered what happened with Catherine Shade, Adalind’s mom.



Favorite quotes and moments:


Kelly: I don’t trust anybody I’m not close enough to kill.


Monroe: Do you have your sunglasses?

Nick: Yeah.

Monroe: Put them on. Let’s try it out.

(Nick puts his sunglasses)

(Monroe and Rosalee woge and do not see their reflects in Nick’s eyes)

Monroe: There you go, problem solved. Best man.

(Monroe, Rosalee and Nick super happy)


Juliette: That was a hell of a coma you put me in, bitch. I could’ve died. And by the way, I know what’s going on now.


Nick: She doesn’t know who you are either since you killed her mother.

Kelly: Alright yeah. I forgot about that.

(Flashback to episode two of season two “The Kiss”, when Catherine Shade died)

Kelly: You know what, just for the record, I didn’t actually kill her. She impaled herself.


Nick: Did you kill the driver?

Kelly: Why would I do that?

Nick: Just checking.


The baby storyline will continue next episode when the Verrat arrives to Portland to get the baby. But what would Nick do about it?

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