Grimm Episode Review – 3×14 – Mommy Dearest

Mommy Dearest” is probably one of the creepiest episodes of Grimm and the first time that the show had Wu at the center of the main story. The episode gave background to Sgt. Wu, a character that was probably a bit of a mystery despite his sarcastic personality and his scene stealing lines. Finally, Wu sees a wesen, something he can’t explain and understand. Great acting job by Reggie Lee, who was the star of the episode.

Although it’s best for the characters to tell the truth to Wu, I understand it’s better for the show to wait a little bit before that happens. Since Wu is the only Grimm character in the dark about the wesen and Grimm world, the show has the chance to play with Wu’’s character in different directions. However, I hope that by season finale, Nick tells Sgt. Wu the truth, because it can be really cruel to see Wu go crazy and really frustrating for the viewers. Nick was too stubborn about telling Wu, as well as Monroe and Rosalee. I wonder how the writers will shows Wu in the psych facility/mental hospital, which Monroe said to Nick in episode ten of season one “Organ Grinder” that this places are filled with people who have seen wesen woge. Hopefully, it does not last too long, because we need Wu in the police station.

The other storyline was Adalind giving birth to the evil baby. Now that finally happened, it will be interesting to watch where this storyline goes. Will Adalind return to Portland to be safe?


Things I liked about the episode:


Wu being at the center of the episode

Finally, Wu gets his own storyline. What is better is that the episode is tied with a Filipino fairy tale, which makes it even more special. And it was a really scary and creepy fairy tale that the writers chose. Unluckily, the aswang was the first wesen that Wu witnessed, and it wasn’t a sweet or scary, but ten times the creepy factor that will surely give you nightmares at night. Drew Wu. Finally we learn Wu’s first name.


The discussion in the trailer and Hank and Juliette’s view of Wu’s situation

During the course of the seasons, the show has make statements about whether to tell humans about the wesen is necessary. In this episode it was clear that Juliette and Hank were on the side to tell Wu the truth, because not knowing is worst. However, the Grimm and the wesen (Monroe and Rosalee) were clearly against it because they fear how he would react. It is clear there are opposing cultures about this subject, with each side having a valid point. But when Wu saw the aswang, Nick should have told him. Still, does anyone think that the last scene where Nick and Hank visit Wu at the mental hospital was actually a hallucination by Wu, because just after Hanks gave Nick a look, the screen shows Wu listening to the noise and the background has the window close and their no one in the room.


Adalind finally giving birth to the baby

After a year that Adalind found out she was pregnant, she finally gives birth to a baby girl that could actually be a little evil with her powers of telekinesis. It seems that a special relationship is developing between Adalind and Meisner, which makes me fear that he will be killed in the near future, either by the baby or the Verrat.


Other observations: I really enjoyed the motel owner that Nick and Hank were questioning. He was hilarious.


Overall it was a great episode that laid the ground for future storylines like the repercussions of Wu seeing a wesen and also Adalind getting her powers back and giving birth to her evil baby. So grimmsters what do you think of the episode?

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