Grimm Episode Review – 3×12 – The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt was the first part of storylines that will finish in the next episode. The episode was exciting and left the viewers wanting more.

In now typical Grimm fashion, the episode ended in a frustrating cliffhanger, because it’s the moment involving Monroe’s parents and Nick what the promos for this episode were showing.  Basically, NBC revealed the ending and cliffhanger of the episode in the promos. Viewers will have to wait one month to watch the conclusion of the storylines set in this episode. It’s going to be a really long month for Grimmsters.

The case of the week storyline involved a new wesen who scalps honorable people and makes a coat with them, certainly not clothes that you will find in a department store. Grimm knows how to do creepy really well as they showed with the whole scalping scenes. This story will probably end in the next episode. This wesen is now targeting Nick as his new victim.

The second storyline was Monroe and Rosalee’s engagement, which leads to Monroe’s parents visit. It starts really sweet with Monroe’s proposal, but ends with Rosalee leaving the house after the heated discussion involving inter-wesen relationships.

The third storyline was set in Vienna. Adalind is suffering the consequences of carrying a kind of a devil baby. Also, Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof) returns for his second appearance, and he is getting closer in the search of Eric’s killer. Meisner needs to be extra careful as he is in Prince Viktor’s list of suspects.

The last storyline saw Juliette making contact with Nick’s mom, who apparently has not been able to destroy the coins and she is in danger.

There were four separate storylines in this episode and the storylines did not collide in some way, only just in the end when Nick shows up in Monroe’s house. I hope that Nick finds out about Adalind’s pregnancy either by himself or by Captain Renard. Hopefully, Monroe’s parents finding out about Monroe being friends with a Grimm, will lead to more Nick and Monroe’s storylines and scenes together, that surely have been lacking this season. Also, it will be interesting for the show to explore a little bit more the Nick and Rosalee’s relationship.


Things I liked about the episode:

  • The entire final scene in Monroe’s house was exciting. It started so light, but tension built into a heated revelation that Rosalee’s a Fuchsbau, a certain topic that Monroe did not tell his parents. But things could not get worse as Rosalee fled the scene and Nick enters into the picture. Monroe’s dad and mom did not seem happy about Nick being a Grimm.
  • It was great to see Stefania (Shohreh Aghdashloo) back in that scene. Hopefully, the next episode features more of her character. I’ve really enjoyed the chemistry between Stefania and Adalind. Adalind surely would do whatever Stefania tells her without question, no matter how digusting it may be.
  • The whole proposal scene was extremely sweet as sugar can be. It was true to Monroe’s character and clever to use a clock to propose.
  • The Grimm writers are really enjoying creating different phrases for the “To Be Continued” title cards. “Oh #*@% !!!” (Oh Poop!!! was censored) was hilarious.


Favorite quote:

Will You…Marry Me? …. Will You…Marry Me? (Monroe’s clock sings)


Stefania: Chew this. It will slow thing down.
Adalinds chews with disgust


So grimmsters, one month until the next new episode… Great cliffhanger, we can’t wait!

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