Grimm Episode Review – 3×11 – The Good Soldier

The Good Soldier was a great episode that showcased a very dark theme in the military, plus it dealt into Rosalee’s past unlike any previous episode.

It’s really interesting that Grimm is doing a lot of episodes that are centered on characters fighting for justice. In this case, Frankie and the Colonel were fighting for justice regarding Frankie’s rape. I was surprised in a good way that Grimm attempted to highlight such a serious storyline, and the show did it well in a very Grimm way. The cases of the week that Nick and Hank work on are getting darker and Grimm is doing it really well.

The other big storyline was Rosalee and Monroe’s dinner with her family. It was not a very lovely reunion for Rosalee, her mother, and her sister. Let’s just say there was a lot of emotional baggage that Rosalee’s was hiding.  Despite the horrible dinner, Rosalee and her mother Gloria reconciled and her sister DeEtta showed that she still cares for Rosalee.

Also, Adalind’s baby is probably no angel. But what is the baby’s deal and how his/her powers will affect Adalind? We will have to wait to find out.


Things I liked about the episode:

The fight scene between the two Manticores was really stunning and exciting to watch. Great job by the stunt team of Grimm. The way the Manticore kills was really violent and sudden, which made each killing scene really shocking.

I really enjoyed that the episode’s deaths happened to people who have not pay for there bad past actions.  As seen by the scene before the fight, the Colonel only killed the ones who were not willing to come clean about what they did to Frankie, as he did not kill Troy Dodge, who wanted to tell, and his wife. The Colonel fought for Frankie’s justice and his redemption until his death.

The show has a great history of strong female characters, and Frankie is one that should be added to the list. The only thing she wanted was for the truth to come out and she fought for it till the end. The letter that Troy wrote gave Frankie the closure she really needed.

Rosalee’s storyline gave Bree Turner a chance to showcase a new side to Rosalee that the show has not explained deeply enough and she deliver in the acting department. The climax of the storyline led to a beautiful sweet moment between Rosalee and Monroe. They are truly meant to be. Rosalee was in jail for stealing a watch.


Favorite quote:

Monroe: What did you shoplift?
Rosalee: A watch.
Monroe: Really? What kind?


A very solid and interesting episode with great character development and amazing stunts! So, what do you think about this episode?

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