Grimm Episode Review – 3×10 – Eyes of the Beholder

Eyes of the Beholder” was a really exciting episode and an interesting and clever way to introduce Hank’s potential new love interestThe episode probably highlighted great moments for three women in the show: Juliette, Alicia, and Zuri.

The Royals and Adalind storyline took a break in this episode. However, it was filled with interesting storylines involving wesen-human relationships like Juliette, Nick, and Alicia, and Hank and Zuri. The episode really tried to make a point about the changes in a relationship when a human knows about a wesen. It was succesfull for Juliette and her friend as she reveals her true wesen self, but it meant the potential ending for Hank and Zuri, although we don’t know the real reason that Zuri did not want to be with Hank.

The episode had a nice touch of the past by reminding the viewers of Rosalee’s shady past, which will be helpful since next week’s episode we’ll meet her family.


Things I liked about the episode:

The entire scene in Nick and Juliette’s house was great. From Juliette horribly explaining Alicia about Nick being a Grimm and Nick trying to calm her down to the fight between Juliette and Alicia’s husband was fun and exciting. It was total girl power when Juliette and Alicia beat the hell out of Joe. Also, Nick probably had the best line in the episode: “I don’t think it’s me you have to worry about.” The only thing that did not make sense in that scene was that Joe knocked out Nick pretty easily. Nick is a super Grimm with extra strength and hearing senses., so that was really weird. The Juliette vs. the husband fighting scene would have worked even better if Juliette and Alicia had been home alone, and Nick arrives later in the fight scene.

Hank has a potential new love interest. Zuri was great, a strong woman plus a wesen, and there was chemistry with Hank. It was heartbreaking to see Hank not get the girl, but I am pretty sure that Hank and the viewers have not seen the last of Zuri. Hank need some love after her last romantic encounter was with a witch, literally.

There was a lovely scene between Monroe and Rosalee. We saw Monroe play his cello and doing a special recital to Rosalee. That couple is just too cute. It seems that Nick and Juliette always interrupt Monroe and Rosalee in their intimate moments.

I really enjoyed the scenes where Wesen are scared of a Grimm and this episode had three of those reactions: the woman that was hurt by the wesen gang, Alicia, and Joe (Alicia’s husband). Love the fact that Joe, the abusive husband, got so scared of Nick, because he was a Grimm. He probably thinks that Nick will behead him. Alicia will be safe, especially because she has a Grimm on her side.


Favorite quote:

Joe: Oh God, a Grimm! Okay, don’t kill me. Please, don’t kill me.
Nick: I don’t think it’s me you have to worry about.

So grimmsters, what do you think of this episode? Are you looking forward to seeing more of the new characters like Zuri and Alicia? Share your thoughts 🙂 

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