Grimm Episode Review – 3×09 – Red Menace

Red Menace” was the Russian episode that was hinted by the cast, which featured Sasha Roiz speaking Russian. It’s great that the show it’s incorporating the actor’s backgrounds into the characters. The episode was really exciting and also visually creepy and disgusting in the case of the guy affected by the radiation. Grimm surely knows how to make something look really real, disgusting and creepy.

The storyline was great and exciting, because the characters were not exactly a victim or a villain, so it was interest that the writer played with that during the episode. The Koschie was an interesting wesen, one that can do good or bad with his abilities. I love that the show keeps getting influence in other cultures, in this case in “The Death of Koschei the Deathless”, a Russian fairytale.

Finally, Sean and Adalind have their long awaited couple reunion. The short date came with Sean’s warning that she should choose a side. I enjoyed their interaction. Hopefully Adalind gets back to Portland. How will Nick and the gang react when they find out Adalind is pregnant with a Royal?

The last storyline involves Juliette’s friend Alicia who seeks help from Nick and Juliette. She is in an abusive relationship. Nick discovers that she is a Fuchsbau, just like Rosalee, however he has not told Juliette about it. Next week’s episode features Juliette in a pretty intense fight with Alicia’s husband, who is also a wesen.


Things I liked about the episode:

I liked the little nod to the opening scene of the pilot with the girl in the red sweater jogging and listening to music, but with the twist that Nick is the stranger who was jogging behind her and only says “Good Morning”. It’s great that the show has not forgotten the Nick’s Zombie ramifications, plus it was nice to see Nick and Juliette being a little bit surprised that he was not sweating, but at the same time accepting it like it was normal. It’s great to see Nick being happy. Nick and Juliette are a sweet couple. Their relationship feels real and uncomplicated, with no unnecessary drama.

The revelation that Rasputin was a Koschie was interesting and it adds to the list of other historical figures that are wesen.

The Ghostbusters visuals as Nick, Hank, and Wu enter the precinct were hilarious. I really enjoyed the chemistry between them every time they are in a crime scene.

Love the twist ending to the Russian storyline with the maid seeking revenge for his father’s death and her attempt to kill Boris, Olga Myshkin cutting Larissa’s neck (the maid) out of jealousy and for her attempt to kill her husband, and Boris finally healing Larissa but dying as a consequence. It was an exciting way to end the episode. I was surprised when Olga attacked Larissa, because it was unexpected.


Favorite quotes and moments:

Nick, Hank, and Wu walk through the precinct like the Ghostbusters after the radiation cleaning, while the Ghostbusters theme song plays in the background.

Nick: They clear us.

Hank: We feel like idiots.

Sean Renard: No comment.


Boris Myshkin woges and shows he is a Koschie, and finds out Nick is a Grimm.

Boris Myshkin: Okay, now I know what you are. How about the rest of you?

Hank: Nope

Sean Renard: It’s a long story.


This was a great episode that introduce some new interesting wesens… are you looking forward to seeing them come back? What was your favorite part of the episode?

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