Grimm Episode Review – 3×08 – Twelve Days of Krampus

Grimm’s previous Christmas episode was season one episode “Let Your Hair Down”, which simply had a small scene between Nick and Monroe which your Monroe’s excitement for the holiday, including his obsession with the decorations. Now in its third season, Grimm gets the chance to produce its first real Christmas episode with the obvious Grimm twist and it did not fail.

The episode was probably similar to this season’s “El Cucuy”, where the creature of the episode is a vigilante who kills bad guys. It’s not difficult to imagine a dinner between Krampus and El Cucuy talking about everything. It would have been better to have those two episodes aired a little bit more apart from each other, to avoid a certain similarity between the creatures. The episode was great. We love episodes where there’s a part of you that is rooting for the creature. If people do not behave bad or naughty, those creatures (Krampus or El Cucuy) would not need to kill them.

The episode also showed some development in the Vienna storyline, including a meeting between Sean Renard and the Resistance, plus it finally give as a glimpse into the potential reunion between Sean and Adalind.

Also, Grimmsters learned that Rosalee dislikes Christmas because of a family tragedy when she was a child. That’s a really strange position Monroe is in, since he likes and obsesses about this holiday. It would have been nice for Rosalee to mention his brother Freddy, that the viewers actually know him previously before he was killed in season one.


Things I liked about the episode:

Barney Burman and his makeup team did an amazing job with Krampus. He looked creepy and scary and stayed true to the original images of the monster. Plus, actor Derek Mears was great as Krampus.

It was a small moment, but I liked that Nick beat up Santa. Let just say that Grimm’s Christmas episode is anything but sweet.

However, the episode surely had cute storyline between Monroe and Rosalee. It was nice that the show used the holiday season to show the growth in their relationship by learning new aspects about each other. Also, I like that we saw Juliette and Monroe just been friends. It must not have been easy for Juliette to help Monroe put all of his Christmas decorations.

Monroe’s extreme excitement for Christmas is always a delight and contagious. It was heartbreaking to watch Monroe so sad about Rosalee’s thoughts about Christmas and Rosalee being heartbroken that she ruined that beautiful moment that Monroe was planning. That was a great moment by Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner during that scene. Thankfully, the ending to this storyline was sweet and happy.


Favorite quotes:

Sean Renard: I am Royal and I can be a Bastard!


Wu: It’s Christmas, brings out the worst in people.


Wu:  Besides the red suit and the black boots, he looked like something out of…and I quote “my worst drug crazed, acid induced, flashback nightmare.”


Krampus: Oh, you’ve been naughty.

We definitely love this episode! Krampus is one of our personal favorites. We’ve been remembering Krampus the past 2 weeks during the holiday season (you better be nice and not naughty!). We are rooting for a Krampus and El Cucuy storyline, that would be just too awesome!

So did you like Twelve Days of Krampus as much as we did? What were your favorite moments of the episode? Are you looking forward for a Krampus return next holiday season?

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