Grimm “The Icy Touch” book… We just got a copy!


Hey grimmsters! We just wanted to share with all of you that today we received an ebook copy of the new Grimm book The Icy Touch by John Shirley.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a nice man named Tom from Titan Books and they were kind enough to offer sending us a copy of the book. Thank you Titan Books! Thank you Tom!

The book will be release in the US on November 5th and in the UK on November 22nd. So don’t forget to get a copy!

As soon as we finish reading the book (hopefully we’ll find enough time to finish it soon) we will be posting our book review… so stay tuned!

So grimmsters are you excited about this new Grimm book? Will you be rushing to the bookstore to get a copy (or I guess in this age we need to say rushing online to order a copy)?

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