Grimm inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just a few days away… In case you celebrate this holiday and haven’t got your costume yet here are a few Grimm inspired Halloween costumes ideas you might want to take a look.

* We included some links that we think could help you achieve these looks, but remember you can always make your costume yourself 🙂

  • Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf: Inspire by the Pilot episode, you can wear a Little Red Riding Hood or a wolf costume. And if you are dressing as a couple, how about both of these costumes! You can try any of these options below or go all Grimm and just wear a red hoodie (and an ipod playing “Sweet Dreams”) and/or a backpack that says “RH”, if your friends are Grimm fans they’ll get it.


  • Grimm Reaper: You can dress up as a Grimm Reaper, just wear black clothes and maybe use part of these costumes to complete your look!


  • Sgt Wu: If you are looking to dress up like Sgt Wu, you can start with this police costume to create your perfect Wu look!


  • Detective Nick and Hank: If you are looking to dress as a detective, like Nick and Hank, here is an accessory that will help you complete your look. Remember, NIck (henley shirts) wears his badge usually on his belt and Hank around his neck. Here are a few police badges you can choose from.


  • Rapunzel: From “Let your hair down”, try a bludbad look (werewolf) and accessorize it with a long, long, long braided pony tail.


  • La Llorona: Need to say more… this was one of the most scariest episodes of Grimm (at least to me). It is based on the legend of La Llorona. These costumes look pretty scary.


  • Zombie: Achieve your best zombie look with the help of this makeup kit.


  • Skeletons: From the episode “To Protect and Serve Men”, you can dress up as a skeleton since they found a lot of skeletons in the basement, remember?


  • Jinnamuru Xunte: A fly like wesen from “Mr. Sandman” episode.


  • Pierce Higgins: Genio innocuo, a tortoise like wesen from the episode “The Other Side”. Maybe you can dress up as a turtle and do some adjustments to your costume to make it more Grimm like. Hopefully you won’t end up looking like a Ninja Turtle 🙂

Grimm is just so perfect for costumes and Halloween. It would be awesome if they release a line of Wesen costumes or maybe hold a Halloween costume contest… What do you think?

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