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Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee Calvert on Grimm, gave an exclusive interview to TVRage, in which she chatted about her characters, Grimm’s exciting third season, and Monroe and Rosalee’s romance.


TVRage: So far, this season has been pretty exciting. In addition to Nick becoming a zombie, fans are concerned about the changes in Nick, which Rosalee said might happen. Can you elaborate on his changes, like why he appears to be dying sporadically? Is he going to get better or worse?

Bree Turner: Pretty much, [what’s] going to be a storyline throughout Season 3 is the effects of the zombie disease that he was infected with. It’s not that he’s necessarily becoming a superhero of sorts, but I think it’s that his Grimm powers this season are amplified because of it, and he’s just a little bit more badass, which I think is fun to watch, you know, for the audience. I think also [there’s] the internal struggle between what’s right and wrong. I loved that line from last week’s episode the Captain challenged him [with], “You’re ok killing Wesen, but you feel bad about killing a human?” and what kind of internal struggle that brings up within Nick, especially now that he’s sort of has these amplified powers.


TVRage: Will Rosalee have to step in and work her spice shop magic to help Nick?

Turner: I don’t know (laughs). We haven’t really addressed it — yet. We’re about to finish Episode 11, and Rosalee has not been needed to come in and save the day for Nick, in these episodes that we shot — so far. But, you never know.


TVRage: Let’s move onto the relationship between Rosalee and Monroe. In last Friday’s episode, the two said “I love you” and decided to move in together. Will they be living together by next episode?

Turner: I love this week’s episode for our storyline, because we start moving in [and] unpacking boxes. I love what the writers are doing with us right now, the characters. They’re portraying a lovely, honest portrayal of a modern couple right now and the stresses and worries and excitement that comes along with two people coming together, because we’re not teenagers (laughs) … It’s a nice adult relationship, and it’s really satisfying to act with Silas [Weir Mitchell], and I just really love what’s been happening for us this season. It’s been really satisfying and enjoyable.


TVRage: Now, there’s been talk about Rosalee and Monroe getting married. What scoop can you give us about their wedding?

Turner: You know (laughs), I think they might have pulled the trigger on that info a little too soon (laughs). Honestly, everything is moving quickly, but I think in an appropriate way, again, because of where we’re at in our lives. That we’re two people that have lived many different kinds of lives, and I think when you know someone’s the right person, you just know. We just finished a really huge day, yesterday, for Episode 11, where you meet my mother and my sister for the first time, and Monroe meets them. It’s one of my favorite episodes I’ve been able to do, because it really recalls back to Rosalee’s introductory episode, when you find out about her brother and you find out that she had an addiction problem that she struggled with for many years. [She] was sort of off the grid for seven years, and you get basically all the answers as to, “Where was I?” [and] “What was I doing?,” in this [episode]. All these steps, I think, are moving towards a possible engagement, but it’s always a long and winding road on ‘Grimm.’


TVRage: You touched on how we’re going to meet Rosalee’s family, but I’ve also read that Monroe’s parents might be introduced and they’re not going to take to Rosalee very kindly. Is that true? If so, can you give us any details about that?

Turner: Yes, we’re actually about to start 3.12 [Season 3, Episode 12], and that’s where we meet [Monroe’s parents]. It’s a big two episode arc for Rosalee and Monroe. We meet my family, and then in 3.12 we meet his family. Again, just what I was saying how much I’ve enjoyed the writing this season for our characters. It’s a really big deal for old school Wesen that were of two different species come together trying to make it work. His parents are somewhat less than thrilled, and it causes some major problems in our relationship, and it’s kind of like fighting our way through that. That’s what this next chunk for us is going to be about.


TVRage: I like how you were talking about Rosalee’s past addiction. That’s something I think people forget. She is lovable and sweet, but she has a dark past. Do you try to channel that when you’re playing her?

Turner: Definitely. It’s my responsibility to do that, because it’s an episodic show … it’s our responsibility to honor our characters and their past and these storylines that can go sometimes away (laughs). That’s our job. That’s what we’re supposed to do. Last season, it’s not that we abandoned her [Rosalee] backstory, I just think it was necessary …

For me, when I think of Rosalee, this is a second lease on life. Coming back to Portland, being with Monroe — I think Monroe really saved her. She’s created this new version of herself … she’s been able to really bury these skeletons, and I think she likes her new, quiet, lovely life with Monroe. That’s what Season 2 was about for Rosalee, and what’s been really cool about Season 3, so far, is her past has been bleeding in, in subtle ways. Pretty much through every episode, there’s some challenge that Rosalee exposes in herself — a challenge that brings up a vulnerability within Rosalee, and her past has been slowly leaking back in. I think that’s what’s been really scary for her this season, which is a blast to play as an actress. That’s where all the fun stuff is (laughs).


TVRage: Lastly, what else can you reveal about this season? What can viewers expect?

Turner: Well, all of our Wesen are much more gruesome and fantastic. Last week’s episode was one of my favorites. I just thought the whole special effects of the exploding guts (laughs) was ‘Grimm’ in its prime. A little cheeky. Totally gross. And very scary. … So, I think you [can] expect a lot of more of that kind of storytelling [like Nick and the fly Wesen] this year. Just a lot more of diving into who these characters are and their flaws, and the effects of everyone coming together, being in the know and these relationships intersecting, rather than being segregated.

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