Things We Would Like to See on Season 3 of Grimm

Just a few more days until the season 3 premiere of Grimm. While Grimmsters are waiting to watch the first episode, here are some things we would like to see in the upcoming third season of Grimm.

  • Wu finds out the truth about Nick and the Wesen world: The only regular character that does not know about the Grimm world is Sergeant Wu. He would bring lots of fun to the Scooby gang. It would be hilarious that when Nick reveals him the truth, Wu actually tells him that he already knows.
  • Adalind back in Portland: Every time Adalind is in Portland, trouble happens, and that’s fun. Now that Juliette knows the truth, Grimmsters need to watch an Adalind vs. Juliette meeting; Juliette must be really pissed off.
  • Nick being happy: During season 2, Nick had to endure the fact that his girlfriend didn’t remember him, that his mother is actually alive, that his Captain is a prince and was obsessed for his amnesiac girlfriend due to a spell. Hopefully, season 3 brings happiness for Nick, now that Juliette knows the truth. We need to see Nick smile.
  • More action, less cellphone talk for Captain Renard: Sean needs to be part of the Grimm action and Grimmsters need to see more of his Hexenbiest side (like the ending in “Kiss of the Muse”).
  • More information about Nick’s past: It would be really interesting to meet Nick’s family (Nick mentioned in “Bad Teeth” that he has an uncle) and past friends to learn more about Nick’s life before being a Grimm.
  • More Nick and Monroe’s storylines together: Season 2 was a little light in Nick-Monroe interaction in comparison to the first season. Hopefully, the show will show us more of Nick training in the wood with the help of Monroe, like in “Leave It toe Beavers” and ”Mr. Sandman”.
  • Different interactions between characters: The fact that almost all the regular characters know the truth makes it easier for different interactions. We would love to see more of Nick and Rosalee’s relationship, Juliette and Rosalee’s (maybe they could take a self defense class together, it would be funny), Monroe and Hank’s, plus every other combination possible. Plus meeting other family members from Monroe and Rosalee’s would be interesting now that the writers spill the beans that they are getting married.
  • The return of Kelly Burkhardt and other guest stars: We have not seen Nick’s mom since the second episode of season 2 “The Kiss” and just got an update from her through an email sent to Nick. Let’s hope that Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is available to reprise her role as Nick’s kickass mom. Plus it would be fun to see other characters back such as Rody (from season one’s Danse Macabre), Holly (from season one’s Let You Hair Down), Ian Harmon (Rosalee’s ex-boyfriend and leader of The Resistance from season one’s Cat and Mouse), Jarold and Carly Kempfer (Hank’s friend and his daughter from season two’s Bad Moon Rising), among others, who could provide Nick with help from other wesen
  • More storylines with recurring characters such as Bud and Sergeant Franco: Bud is everyone’s favorite recurring character, but we would like to see more of Sergeant Franco, who could actually be someone that already knows about the Grimm stuff and has been sent by Nick’s mom to keep an eye on Nick (just an idea).
  • One of Hank’s ex-wives is a wesen: This could be a hilarious storyline for Nick and Hank.
  • More episodes featuring fairy tales and folklore tales

Excited for the return of Grimm. So Grimmsters, what would you like to see happen on the upcoming season? Comment in the section below.

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