Silas Weir Mitchell Talks Grimm, Krampus, and Decorating for Christmas – Parade

Parade spoke with Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays on Monroe on Grimm, to discuss the episodes, Krampus, where Grimm is headed when it returns, and who does the Christmas decorating in his house. (Source: Parade – Article by Scott Neumyer)


When you got the call in 2011 to essentially play a werewolf on Grimm, did you ever imagine you’d be donning sweaters and preparing vegan dinners?

It’s funny. The vegan thing was in the pilot script so I knew that they were working this angle of a guy straddling two realities or two ways of living. I knew it was going to be about this inner conflict, which is a really rich vein to mine as far as comedy and breadth of expression. I knew there would be a certain focusing on the cover for the darkness. As far as the wardrobe, the only thing that I said when I had my very first meeting with any wardrobe people (before we had even shot the pilot) was, “I think there’s a kind of avuncular, professorial quality to the character that fits the Portland fall and winter type of thing.” I was thinking of corduroy jackets with leather elbow patches. As far as the sweaters go, they just got into that thing and it’s funny because you see them everywhere now. Everyone has these big roll, shawl-collared sweaters.


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Source: Parade

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