New Grimm Webisodes Ahead of the Season 3 Premiere

Grimmsters, we still have to wait less than three weeks for the season 3 premiere episode “The Ungrateful Dead”, but NBC is releasing a new series of webisodes to keep us busy until October 25th.grimm-season3-webisode-bud

“Fans of “Grimm” know that Dammerzustand, or zombies, are the newest danger in the Portland-set drama, with last season’s finale showing them overrunning the heroes. The undead invasion is spotlighted in “Grimm: Meltdown.” The series features refrigerator repairman Bud, an Eisbiber (rodent-like creature played by Danny Bruno) who faces off against zombies in his repair shop and has to call for help. It’s something many of the supernatural Wesen creatures are reluctant to do.”


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