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While Nick’s Scooby gang is battling the zombies, Adalind Shade (Claire Coffee) has a more important issue to deal with: getting her Hexenbiest powers back. Grimm returns on Friday October 25th, but get a sneak peek of what’s to come for Adalind in this interview from TV Guide, where actress Claire Coffee reveals juicy scoop about her character.

How much of Adalind’s identity is wrapped up in her powers?
Claire Coffee: I think all of it right now. That was the hardest thing for her when losing her powers was that she felt really unhinged. She has no allies, no family, no friends, so until she gets those powers back, she’s floating.

Is Shohreh Aghdashloo’s character Stefania still around when we return?
Coffee: Yes she is. Shohreh is the direct link to getting those powers back because she’s the one who knows the rituals. She has all of the spells and potions to get her there. So Adalind needs Stefania more than ever.

What details about the rituals can you share?
Coffee: You’ll see that the first episode of the season is when we have Frau Pech (Mary McDonald-Lewis), whom Stefania, at the end of Season 2, has murdered with a sword through the chest. So Adalind comes at the beginning of Season 3 to meet up with Stefania in order to complete that process. So we know that we need a beating heart of a Hexenbiest in order to get those powers. And that’s just the beginning.

Did you get to see the beating heart?
Coffee: Yes, it looks like a real-life beating heart. They have this apparatus that they use. Christina [Kortum], who is our on-set creature makeup. She’s blowing into it.

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