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TVLine spoke to David Giuntoli, who plays Nick Burkhardt on NBC’s Grimm, about this week’s two new episodes and what’s ahead on Grimm. Find out what kind of blows he took during filming, where Nick may be heading after the break and what Juliette can expect to find under the tree on the 25th. Source: TVLine


TVLINE | In Friday’s first hour, the Wesen of the Week rips people limb from limb. It’s quite gross.

These creatures have the very same mandible strength as the African crocodile, and they can really just tear someone limb from limb quite easily without trying too hard, and that’s what happens in the sewers of Portland when the Gelumcaedus come to town.


TVLINE | And your character spends a bunch of time down there.

Yeah, he’s a sewer dweller in this episode. I got to put on a little hard-hat and act like an actual man for once in my life.


TVLINE | Though you stay very clean for being in the sewers for all that time.

Oh, yeah, Giuntoli doesn’t suffer. The Scooby gang spent a lot of time in the sewers of Portland with a map of the sewers trying to figure out where the hell to go, getting lost, spending a lot of time in the dark and ultimately staging a major battle… Really, whenever you come upon a room that’s eight-sided in Grimm, you know there’s going to be a fight there pretty soon.


TVLINE | I know all fights are pretty highly choreographed, but this one has a nice little roll-over-the-back move for you.

Yeah, you liked that move?


TVLINE | It’s nice.

Thank you. Also, my stunt man did it — but I tried. The fights are getting… everything hits its groove and we always had all the talent there as far as our stunt choreography and our stunt men. Now it’s just gelled to the point we have the best stuntmen in the business. We have an Emmy Award-winning stunt coordinator, and we know how to shoot it now, and I’m more able to…I understand staged fighting much deeper now, so it all looks a lot better.


TVLINE | And Hank gets a few good licks in, too.

I remember in that scene, he hit, I believe, one of the Gelumcaedus over the back. And what you didn’t see is, part of his weapon fell off the top and went flying into my face. It nearly destroyed me.


TVLINE | Renard is in Vienna for this week’s episodes, and we see the resistance movement taking shape. Are we going to see Nick and the gang head over there?

I think you’re going to end up seeing some Scoobies there eventually… It will probably be a finale-type situation, but at this point I’m sticking in Portland, Renard travels, and that’s kind of how the setup will be.


TVLINE | Moving on: In the night’s second episode, you beat up Santa?

This is the thing: So many shows celebrate Christmas, I said on our show, “Let’s ruin Christmas.” So that’s what we did.


TVLINE | The St. Nick-type of Wesen — Krampus — is scary. If I were a kid, it would give me nightmares.

It really reminded me, when I saw the creature, of something out of Beetlejuice… It’s terrible. First of all, you never want someone over the size of 6 feet tall saying “naughty.” It just gets creepier and creepier the bigger you are when saying that word.


TVLINE | We don’t get to see what Nick gives Juliette for Christmas.

Nick gave Juliette something, but you can’t show it on NBC. That’s all I’m saying.


Source: TVLine

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