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David Giuntoli, who plays Nick Burkhardt on NBC’s Grimm, spoke on the phone to ScreenSpy about what’s ahead (including the Christmas episode) airing this Friday December 13th, 2013, and the show’s upcoming storylines this season including the major villains, his new favorite weapon, Nick and Monroe’s trouble in paradise, plus more. Source: ScreenSpy


“Krampus is pretty wild,” laughs Giuntoli. “That guy! When I walked onto set and I saw the actor … First of all, we hired a gigantic guy to play this character. And then when I saw him as Santa with these horns, I actually had like a visceral reaction to him. I was kind of frightened in a way. It was a disturbing thing! We ruin Christmas for everybody and it’s gory and it’s wonderful.”


But Wesen of the week aren’t the only creatures Nick will find himself facing over the course of the season ahead. With the Royals storyline set to heat up this week (and continuing into January), the battle for power has just begun. We’re curious to know if the season ahead will see one Big Bad emerging to eclipse the others.


“The writers have done a very good job of this – what I like to call the slow reveal,” says Giuntoli. “Coming towards the end of the mid-season, we still have probably two or three contenders for the villain. We have kind of a new character that emerges who is one of the greater villains that we’re going to have on the show.”


Giuntoli is of course referring to Alexis Denisof’s ruthless Prince Viktor, who will put in an appearance (and scare Claire Coffee’s Adalind like we’ve never seen her scared before) this Friday. “[Viktor] wants to get me and access to me. And, he comes very close very soon!”


“But,” notes Giuntoli. “I still place the Captain [Sasha Roiz] as a possible villain, and I’d definitely rank Adalind as a villain.”



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Source: ScreenSpy

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