‘Grimm’ Star Dave Giuntoli Talks Zombie Nick – ET

David Giuntoli talks to Entertainment Tonight about Grimm’s season 3, Nick’s zombie status, the show’s evolution, and upcoming storylines. Source: Entertainment Tonight

ETonline: What did you like about the season two cliffhanger?
Dave Giuntoli: That I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen! I had no idea where we would end up in season three and what would become of Nick. Crazy cliffhanger! I mean, they closed a casket on me.
ETonline: Do you call the executive producers and double check that you’re still the star of their show after reading a script like that?
Giuntoli: I’m lucky because the show is kind of named after me [laughs]. I might be the only one who doesn’t fear that. A lot of people ask if I ever get tired or playing the same part and it’s impossible to — I mean, I am basically guest starring as a zombie, which is totally outside the normal arc of my character.
ETonline: How much Nick is in this zombie?
Giuntoli: Very little. It’s one part Nick, ninety-nine part The Shadow. It was so much fun to behave in a way I would never, ever be able to justify as Nick. I got to grunt and freak out and run through the woods and look like a badass.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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