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On Grimm season 3, Monroe and Rosalee’s relationships is getting more serious, including plans to move in together plus rumors for a wedding. Zap2it spoke with Bree Turner about Monroesalee and future storylines for season 3.

Zap2it spoke with Turner about Rosalee and Monroe’s developing relationship, and she says that the happy couple takes an interesting turn in Season 3. “What we’ll be struggling with is we come from two different species; we come from two different backgrounds,” she says. “It’s really not done to mix species in the Wesen world. That really comes into play in these first 13 episodes about the struggles of mixed relationships, if you will.”

While Rosalee and Monroe’s relationship was new and sweet in Season 2, it will begin to feel more familiar in Season 3. Normal relationship problems involved with moving in together and meeting one another’s families will begin to rise as the season progresses.

“Ever since we move in together, it kind of becomes a lot more domestic stuff between him and I,” Turner says of Rosalee and Monroe. “The challenge of the moving in and people joining their lives, it’s not always butterflies and doves every second when you’re really with someone, and I think they’re representing that in a very truthful and honest way. Silas [Weir Mitchell] and I have had fun just being a real couple on the show. It’s been really satisfying. Now if we’re going to overcome the family feud, who knows, I don’t know.”

Fans will get to meet Rosalee’s family in episode 11, which the cast is about to start filming. Turner says she doesn’t yet know who will be playing her family members, but that fans should look forward to this as an opportunity to learn a lot more about Rosalee’s backstory.

“I think she’s been kind of a mystery on the show,” she says. “There’s these sort of gradual onion layers peeling off about her family and that her father and brother are part of the resistance and part of the organization. Basically I come from a very political family, which you kind of find out. A lot of that, that’s not something that you know right away, and that’s something that [Rosalee is] not going to really discuss as well, which is what I really love about Rosalee. She doesn’t feel the need to share information when she doesn’t feel like she has to.”

As for rumors of a Monroe and Rosalee wedding, Turner says she doesn’t know if the couple will be saying “I do” in Season 3. Still, the “Grimm” showrunners have said that a wedding is on the horizon, and Turner admits she was nervous about the idea at first.

“I was a little shocked when I heard that it was a possibility for this season. We get so protective over our characters, and I was like, ‘Wait, it’s too fast! It’s too fast for her! She can’t handle it!’ But I also think, you know what, they’re not ‘Rose and Monroe,’ they’re adults in their late 30s. This isn’t like a 22-year-old love story, and they’ve both dealt with a lot of really heavy stuff in their lives, and I think that when you know you know. It makes sense now the more that I’ve digested it,” she says. “I don’t know if the path to getting us to the aisle is going to be smooth or not with all this interspecies drama.”

Turner says the Season 3 storylines she’s really looking forward to seeing explored are Juliette’s increased involvement on the show and Adalind’s quest to regain her powers. Add that to the fact that the Wesen are “way gnarlier” this year and that she feels Season 3 is the best season of “Grimm” yet, and Turner admits, “We really upped our game.”


Source: Zap2it

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