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TVLine had inside scoop from Grimm star David Giuntoli on what’s ahead for Grimm after this week’s episode “A Dish Best Served Cold”. Executive Producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf also gave some information about Nick’s development. “He’s more powerful” since his stint as a member of the walking dead, Kouf told reporters at a recent press event. Added Greenwalt, “It’s both a good and a bad thing. He can stay underwater longer, which will be coming up very soon.” Source: TVLine

Here’s more information that Giuntoli gave to TVLine.


TVLINE | Let’s talk about how Nick may or may not be a little dead.

[Laughs] What is going on there? You can never fully undo the undead zombie portion of your past. It comes back every now and again. There are some side effects. You can’t just completely wipe it out. I kind of go dead every now and again. Maybe it’s going to be one of my super powers. It’s not unlike the possum: I just go dead in moments of fear. I’m collecting small, maybe they’re super powers? Some would see them as weaknesses. But Grimms use them to their advantage.


TVLINE | I’m impressed with how Juliette steps up in these first few episodes.

Juliette’s role becomes so much better in Season 3. We just filmed an episode where she absolutely takes charge and goes crazy violent on these horrible perpetrators. She gets to be so much more active. She knows what’s going on. She’s in on the secret, and she uses her veterinary skills and moxie to really help out Team Grimm.


TVLINE | How does her new role affect Nick and Juliette’s relationship?

It’s like having an affair; I’m out about everything now. It’s a lot better, but there’s some residual feelings about my past life and my lies. Let’s never forget: She was in a coma for a long time, and I just didn’t have the courage to tell her why. I was just playing stupid. That’s really lame. I think we now have a common goal, and that will bring us closer.


TVLINE | In this coming episode, Nick and Monroe play-fight. Silas looked like he was getting into it a little. If an actual fight ever erupted, do you think you could take him?

Could a Grimm take a Blutbad? I’m afraid so.


TVLINE | I was actually asking if you could take Silas.

He’s got a definite height advantage. I’d like to say I’m a little more limber. I don’t know, my family was more of the hunter-gatherer line. I don’t know what would happen. He could probably outsmart me. If it came down to a grapple, I think I could do it.


TVLINE | They have a bit of a bromantic moment as Nick’s moving out.

Did that play cute? I’d hoped it would.


TVLINE | It was very sweet. But I’ve heard there might be some friction coming up between them.

The table is set for drama. Nick gets a little petty. He’s like, “Wait a minute. You just kicked me out and now Rosalee’s moving right in? That’s what’s happened here?” There’s a little bromantic jealousy – ick, I hate those terms. “Bromantic.” What’s better? What’s a better name for “bromance?” Can it just be called friendship? [Laughs] Yes, Nick gets a little petty when he feels like Rosalee is moving in and taking his place. I don’t know why. And you know, where’s his old pal Monroe all the time? Hangin’ out with Rosalee. You too good for me now, Monroe? She’s not even your species, man!


TVLINE | As far as what you’ve shot, does Nick have any inkling about Adalind’s baby?

Nick has no clue about the baby.


TVLINE | Things between him and the captain get a little icy in this episode, too.

Yeah, he really threw me some skank, didn’t he? He got quite sassy with me in the precinct, calling me out for my ease of killing Wesen — but I kill one guy and that counts more? He has a valid point. Are Wesen subhuman? No. Why am I so OK with extinguishing them?


TVLINE | The Renard-Nick alliance has always been a little thin. Are you feeling that there’s something coming up that might finish it off?

Captain Renard has allies of convenience, you know? So he likes to keep me close. He will use me for certain things and ally with me when he needs to. But when that gets in his way, he can kick me to the curb, so to speak. I don’t really trust this guy ever.


TVLINE | I think that’s probably smart.

Yeah. It’s like when Churchill and Stalin fought Hitler.


Source: TVLine

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