‘Grimm’ Episode 3 Preview: Get Ready to Drink in Gastrointestinal Warfare and a Nearly Naked Nick [Exclusive Video] – Yahoo

This week’s episode of Grimm, the third one of season 3 titled “A Dish Best Served Cold” comes with a warning from Executive Producer David Greenwalt: “Don’t eat dinner during the show.”. “[Broadcast standards] had a lot to say on this episode,” Greenwalt said before fellow EP Jim Kouf added, “You should have seen what we really shot. We had a close-up on exploding stomachs that didn’t make it in the episode.”

The episode revisits the age-old war between Blutbaden and Bauerschwein (the wolves and the pigs). The hottest restaurant in Rose City, Raven & Rose, is the only link between several dead bodies found in treetop. An important part in the episode is Monroe’s vegetarianism.

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“Honestly, [these] interspecies rivals is one of my favorite plot threads,” Giuntoli said at the post-screening Q&A. “It is fun to see the big bad wolves be the ones who’ve taken the move into the more new age, progressive understanding of the Wesen-Grimm relationships and the little victim pigs [being] old school. They see things black and white. I like that it’s flipped.”

Mourning the loss of his barking brethren and freaked because he’d just taken Rosalee there to ask her to move in with him, the video shows the usually gentle Monroe huffing and puffing and ready to chop some pork when Nick’s long arm of the law falls seemingly short. Monroe grows increasingly frustrated with Nick’s desire to handle this very personal case by the books and the disagreement between justice and revenge may even come to blows. “It was fun getting to beat up on Silas Weir Mitchell a little bit. I thought it was an ingenious stroke of writing and quite fun,” Giuntoli said. “I’m very lucky that I have a stunt double that looks so much like me. I’ve had friends approach him on set and go, ‘Hey D. Oh sorry.’ And people from Portland have come up to him to say I really appreciate your work on the show. It is bizarre. The poor guy. He’s a grown man that has to get a haircut every time I do, [but] we’re putting his kids through private school.”

Greenwalt warned that although the bromance survives this chapter, the flare-up foreshadows problems to come. “Some issues will come up a little later in the season with how much Nick uses him and how Monroe feels about that. Are they really close friends or is it a thing of convenience?” Monroe will also face a family issue and dilemmas surrounding interspecies dating with his foxy lady this season.

Lest you’re worried that “Dish” only serves male fans with blood, guts, and revenge, Giuntoli groupies will be happy to hear that this episode also includes what he described as “the dreaded shirtless treadmill scene of 2013.”

“I stopped eating to prepare for it,” Giuntoli admitted. “Glad it’s over.”


Source: Yahoo

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