‘Fringe’s’ Kirk Acevedo, ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Emily Rios Enlist for ‘Grimm’ Guest Roles – The Wrap

Grimm’s season 3 brings more guest stars. Fringe’s Kirk Acevedo and Breaking Bad’s Emily Rios will guest star as former soldiers on the eleventh episode of the NBC supernatural drama airing in early 2014.

The episode is titled “The Good Soldier”. Acevedo will play Ron Hurd, who is described as follows: “ tough-guy type who went straight from serving in the army to working in home security. The skills he possesses will come in handy when a dark secret from his army days comes back to haunt him.” Rios will play Frankie Gonzales, “a hardened veteran who’s dealt admirably with a horrific trauma she incurred while serving.” “Strong-willed and tough-minded, she never backs down from a fight no matter how bad her odds may seem.”

Source: The Wrap

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