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In this interview, Grimm’s Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Juliette Silverton, reveals interesting tidbits of season 3 including Juliette’s journey, plus she talks about the fun on set, crazy fan encounters, and more. Source: Starry Constellation Magazine

Q) So what are you most excited about fans seeing in the new Season? Both with Juliette and with the show as a whole?
A) Well, you know, the truth is obviously if you’re going from Season to Season one thing is that I’ve noticed, because, and I really do believe this; Season two was better than Season one, and I think Season three, you know, I’ve finished up to episodes nine now. It’s better than Season two. It’s getting better, you know, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Jim and David Greenwalt are show runners have been really been able to delve deeper into the mythology aspect. And, I think that’s really what the fans like. I mean the procedural stuff is fun, but they’re into this mythology and they’re into, you know, this Wesen family tree that’s been created and sort of, you, connecting all of the dots and now they’re going further into these families. Episode one coming back — one and two really consider they’re both still dealing with zombie storyline. They really feel like movies. The first time I’ve seen an episode of Grimm, Norberto Barba, who’s our main producing director, feels like a one hour film. And there was a lot of action I was doing a lot of stunts which I had a blast with. At one point, Bree and Silas and I were basically dangling from the top of a container yard that was like 50 feet high. It was just really fun and I think what I’m most excited about, besides the fact that every script that comes in, I’m like, ah this is so great. I’m loving all the scripts and everything. I usually shoot with David for the most part. I’m getting to shoot more with everybody else because Juliette is now part of the Scooby squad and that’s been really fun for me. I think that in the past, you know, last Season in particular, having amnesia and Season one basically, the main thing was Nick having to hide it from me. Dave and I have just been having so much fun shooting together this Season. Because it changes everything for us. The fact that I get to be involved, and I get to help him solve storylines. But even just the fact that we can talk about this stuff has changed everything for us, and it’s been really great.
Q) Last Season, Juliette had amnesia and Nick was trying to win her back, and so this Season it kind of seems at least at the beginning that the big storyline is going to be an inversion of that dynamic. So, does this mean that Juliette is going to have a bit more agency in her storyline this Season? Like will she have a chance to have a more active role in (Nick’s) fight against the Wesen?
A) Yes. Definitely. They’ve eluded to the fact that Juliette — even though in some ways she was somewhat passive character, obviously having had amnesia; they’ve eluded enough in the last two Seasons that she’s quite capable; she’s smart and she’s kind of a badass. I mean she knows how to use a gun. That’s popped up and I think that — so that’s definitely a direction that the character is going in. But one of the things that I’ve always, you know that I’ve said starting in the episode of Season two and then the finale, she just got him back. I mean, she was literally thrown into the fire. She has no background in this world. She has doesn’t know what is going on and then she gets — the first time she’s sort of part of the Grimm gang and helping out. There’s this zombie invasion. But she’s kind of thinking, I will be damned if I’m going to lose him now. I just go him back and we’ve both been, you know, I think it’s really a testament and I always have to give credit to the show runners again. They didn’t want this relationship to be like a lot of TV relationships. They were breaking up and getting back together, and breaking up and getting back together. They established early on that we’ve been living together for years; we’ve been through a lot together and there’s a lot of love there. And I think that it’s really a testament to that love that no matter what they’ve been through, they always find their way back to each other and so, she’s very pissed. She’s angry. She’s scared, but she’s going to lose him again, because he’s in a severe amount of peril right now, in the first three episodes coming back in particular and I think that she’s going to do everything in her power to make sure that they get him back. Hopefully, safely before it’s not too late.

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Source: Starry Constellation Magazine

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