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Executive Producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, and actor David Giuntoli gave some insight into the new storylines in season 3, to Yahoo. “The process of becoming a Grimm 7 ‘Grimm’ Spoilers From Executive Producers and Star David Giuntoli: ‘Nobody Is What They Appear to Be’ – Yahoo is much like the process of grief. You deny it. Then you bargain and then you own and accept it. Season 3 is acceptance,” titular role holder David Giuntoli explained during a press screening and Q&A celebrating the NBC series’ return last week in Los Angeles. Here are 7 Grimm spoilers that will give us an idea of the thematic of season 3. Source: Yahoo


1. Gray Matters

In last week’s premiere, it became obvious that getting a double dose of Baron Samedi’s zombie venom had a profound effect on Grimm Nick Burkhardt (Giuntoli), and in this week’s episode the changes keep coming.

“I go ashen from time to time,” Giuntoli said of the deathlike state he periodically slips into this season. Kouf added that he goes gray “when he becomes emotionally involved,” like when he learns the fate of someone involved in his undead bar brawl.

Greenwalt said, “It’s not going to become torment of the week, but it’s just deepening the character every year. He has a bigger set of baggage to carry with him.” But not all change is bad, as Kouf hinted that his Scooby senses may have gotten amplified. “He becomes more formidable.” Greenwalt then chimed in, “He can stay underwater longer, which will be coming up in an episode very soon.”


2. Royal Rumble

Renard took out a hit on Prince Eric (James Frain) in the season opener as payback for kidnapping Nick, but is he really dead? “I think he’s going to ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ so I think he’s really dead, but you never know on our show,” Greenwalt said.

In the wake of his death, monarchs come out of the woodwork to make a power play. One of these royals just might be played by Alexis Denisof (“Angel”), or he might have just been brought in to fill the villainous void left by Frain. “He’s got the accent,” Greenwalt teased, adding that it is a recurring role and that his character will be “seen mostly in Europe. [However] there are going to be people coming to Portland that are going to upset the apple cart pretty well.”

Everybody wants to get their hands on the seven keys, the map they make, and the Grimm himself. “He who can control a Grimm has a great deal of power both in the royal world and in the resistance. We’re going to learn more about that as time goes by,” Greenwalt said.


3. The More the Scarier

As the writers and producers love a good Wesen-of-the-week tale, they’ve had to reach beyond the original book of Grimm’s fairy tales to find new sources of mythology. Greenwalt started to run down the list. “We have a great Filipino story coming up for Reggie [Lee, Sergeant Wu]. We’re going to explain alligators in the sewer. There’s an underwater episode that was quite challenging, with sexy but quite dangerous mermaids. The last line in that episode is a very direct reference to Portland and also to Chinatown. We’re going to explain exorcism and possession with a new kind of creature.”

Giuntoli piped up excitedly, “We have a Christmas episode for the ages.” Greenwalt added, “Yeah, a happy Santa episode.”

There is also a case involving the Latin legend of a boogeyman known as El Cucuy. Pilar from the La Llorona episode will return to lend her expertise in all things Spanish.


4. Witchy Women

Will Adalind give birth, and will the baby daddy’s identity be revealed? Greenwalt cagily answered, “There is an answer to both of those questions. Stay tuned. There’s a baby coming, we believe.”


5. Mother Superiors

And speaking of Hexenbiests, will Renard’s mother dare show her ugly face in town or abroad, or will she remain a mysterious voice on the phone? Greenwalt continued, “Renard has a mother who may be on the playing field,” although he admitted no one had been cast yet. P>And speaking of mothers, will Mama Grimm return to the Rose City? Greenwalt remained cagey: “That is top secret.” Kouf joked, “Well, you just said yes.”


6. Inner Circle

Nick’s group of friends who are in on his secret grew exponentially last season to include Hank, Rosalee, and Juliette. But poor Wu seems perpetually in the dark, which had everyone wondering if that was going to change soon. “Oh God, I hope not. Everybody’s gonna get one line of dialogue,” Kouf exclaimed. Greenwalt agreed: “We have a big enough group around him knowing for the time being. [But] Sgt. Wu is going to have a tumultuous episode in which he is going to see some things that can’t be explained.”


7. Wedding Bells

On a previous press call, Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette) let slip that Monroe and Rosalee would get married this season, but as they take the first step of moving in together, issues start to develop. “The fact that they are different types of Wesen is going to come to haunt them both pretty seriously about midseason,” Greenwalt said. But watching their relationship blossom might give Juliette pause despite her finally remembering him and letting him back in their house. “It’s sort of like having an affair. It’s kind of mended. But as she sees Monroe and Rosalee growing closer and closer, she may be saying, ‘Hey pal!'” They swore they haven’t forgotten the ring upstairs in the sock drawer and avoided confirming or denying the possibility of a double wedding. But they did elaborate that just because Juliette now knows about Nick’s genetic calling, everyday life doesn’t always run smoothly. Kouf said, “There’s an episode coming up with Juliette’s friend [that asks] what happens when Nick tells Juliette that her old friend is Wesen. That’s just what it is like to live in this world.”

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