Grimm Episode Review – 3×04 – One Night Stand

One Night Stand” was Grimm’s take on the famous fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. This was another good case of the week episode that featured an interesting strong wesen innocent in the character of Ellie (Stephanie Nogueras) and background into a new type of wesen, Naiads, Grimm’s version of mermaids.

Every time Grimm features guest characters that can defend themselves and kick their aggressors, it’s really exciting and you really cheer every punch the throw to the bad guys. In this episode, we met Ellie, a young deaf woman who is a Naiad, and her family of Naiads. Ellie not only saved Jack (Michael Welch), but also fought her attackers. Although it’s really unlikely, it would be nice to see what happen to Ellie, her family, and Jack.

The B storyline in the episode was Captain Renard finding out that Adalind is pregnant. Hopefully this will lead into a Sean and Adalind confrontation that will reveal the paternity of the baby.

The sweet moment were brought by Monroe and Rosalee as she is moving into Monroe’s house. Let’s just say clocks and a weird dressed bunny decoration do not match in Monroe’s house. This was the C storyline that was nice, but probably felt a little bit scattered in the episode. It would have been better to see Rosalee and Monroe be a little more involved in the main storyline.


Things I liked about the episode:

The many references to the original fairy tale were a nice touch in the episode, that included Ellie not being able to talk, stealing Jack’s cellphone (Ariel was a collector), Ellie revealing her true self to Jack as in the original story, among others.

Nick’s abilities continue to grow due to being a zombie, and it’s pretty awesome. In this episode, Nick discovers that he can hold his breath in water for a very unusually long period of time, as he was saving Ellie. It’s great that now Hank has seen Nick go grey, the same way Juliette has. Nick is a detective, a Grimm, and now has some special abilities.

It was great to get some type of update regarding Nick’s mom, who is apparently in danger. Juliette finding out about “M” will hopefully lead Nick into explaining her everything about her mom.

Nick and Juliette’s relationship is back to normal. The good thing about their relationship is that during season one, it was a nice normal romantic relationship with no big drama. Hopefully, they would continue to be happy in this season.


Favorite quotes and moments:

The episode did not have many memorable quotes as previous episodes, but it did have some good moments that I’ve mentioned before. Here are some quotes.

Captain Renard: Let’s round up the unusual suspects.


Rosalee: I love you, you love me, and we both hate this (in reference to the bunny)


The best quote of the episode is the following one.


Jake: She just wasn’t… normal.
Nick: Nobody is, Jake. This is Portland.

So grimmsters did you like this episode? What do you think of the Naiads? Do you wish to see them again? And how about Renard finding out Adalind is pregnant… that will certainly be a nice reunion… 

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