Grimm Episode Review – 3×03 – A Dish Best Served Cold

After the zombie storyline finished last week, Grimm is back to its regular case of the week episodes, but also still following the ramifications of the zombie storyline with Nick’s Grimm development plus the consequences of Eric Renard’s death.


After the ton of action of the last two episodes, it was nice to be back to a simple self contained storyline, specially that it focused in the classic fued between Blutbad vs. Bauerschwein that was already shown in episode six of season one titled “The Three Bad Wolves”.


It was really cool to see Grimm explore Portland’s eating culture by featuring a real restaurant, Raven & Rose, in this episode.


A Dish Best Served Cold” shows us that Monroe’s Blutbad side is still very much alive, and it is always great to rediscover and reminds us of that aspect of our favorite sidekick.


However, I felt the ending of the episode was a little bit abrupt. It would have been better to watch how they were going to explain the three deaths by the hands of the chef (not only a simple confession) and the consequences of it. Maybe, an additional scene at the end could have given more closure to the episode/story.


Things I liked about the episode:

  • I am enjoying the character of Sebastian, Sean Renard’s right hand guy in Vienna. However, ever since he appeared on the show, I’ve feared that he was on the death wait list since he is practically a double agent and is in dangerous ground. Now that he probably knows Adalind’s secret, he really needs life protection. Hopefully Adalind does not kill him when her hexenbiest powers are back because Sebastian is becoming more and more and interesting character to explore.
  • Nick’s growth in his Grimm abilities: I like that the show is addressing the consequences of being a zombie. Hopefully those abilities and physical changes are not just temporary, but actually help Nick in his Grimm tasks. Excited to see what other abilities might appear during the season.
  • Monroe and Rosalee’s storyline certainly gives the episode those sweet moments to balance the heavy main storyline. It will be interesting to see them living together and how it affects them and the dynamic of their relationship.
  • The Monroe and Nick scene before his leaving away party was cute and awkward as their relationship is. I just was waiting for a hug between those two friends. Plus it’s always nice to see Bud pop up every now and then. They are all now becoming a unexpected, weird, against the regular convention of the grimm’s reputiation, happy and supportive team/family.
  • Adalind looked very affected by Eric’s death (she was crying blood after all). I just wonder if she truly cares for him or if his death somehow messes up her evil plan.
  • Love that we go to see Monroe’s dark Blutbad side, which has not been seen for a while. Hopefully, the show keeps showing different sides of Monroe, specially his dark past that has been mentioned in previous episodes. Although it was spoiled by the promos for the episode, the fight between Monroe and Nick, and the attempt to make the chef confess to the murders, was nice and funny at the same time.


Favorites quotes and moments:

(Monroe and Rosalee having lunch at Raven & Rose)

Monroe: …because I love you

Rosalee: That’s a relief, because I love you too.


Hank, Bud, Rosalee, and Juliette: Surprise!

Nick: Surprise? For what? It’s not my birthday.

Monroe: It’s for your leaving.


Wu: Ironically, he is an organ donor, although I’m not sure who would want what’s left.


Monroe: What shall we serve the Blutbad tonight?… Wait a minute, how about the chef himself?

Chef Graydon Ostler: I haven’t done anything. Stay away.

Monroe: Oh, I like it when dinner talks back. (Monroe woges)


Monroe: (pretending to be dying) There’s nothing you can do… to stop us.

Nick raises his eyebrow to Monroe.

Monroe pretends to have died.


Doctor: But has there been any change to your diet or your lifestyle recently?

(Nick remembers the Baron spitting in his face and the zombie bar fight)

Nick: Well, work has been really stressfull.

So grimmsters what do you think of the episode? Did you like it?

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