Grimm Episode Review – 3×02 – PTZD

PTZD picks up exactly where the season 3 premiere left off: Zombie Nick staring at a family entering their house. That doesn’t sound good for our hero! If “The Ungrateful Dead” was full of action with the zombie storyline, “PTZD” is a combination of action plus great character development for our Grimm gangZombie Nick was not easy to control. Five people were needed: Captain Renard, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette.


After a really long and hurtful bumps for Nick’s friends, with the guys doing the fighting and the girls giving the antidote, our hero seemed to leave his zombie life into the past. But wait?… It’s not that simple for a Grimm. Nick keeps dying in his sleep and turning grey when he has intense emotions, plus his super hearing (with the first glimpse we got in season 2 episode 15 “Mr. Sandman”) is developing. These zombie consequences for Nick are really interesting to see into the next episodes of the season, not only the physical ones but also the moral ones that happened due to one guy dying at the bar.


So Eric Renard is dead.  But still, I don’t completely believe it. It seems like a great opportunity that Eric faked his death (he has power and money) and is waiting the right moment to emerge again. If we don’t see a body, there’s always a chance that he is alive.


Things I loved about the episode:

  • Adalind’s storyline with Stefania (Shohreh Aghdashloo) still is funny plus visually disgusting, that you just enjoy it. Her total disgust into the tasks Stefania keeps giving her makes Adalind’s journey into her powers worth seeing.
  • The Grimm gang lying to help and cover Nick: This is probably the most important moment in the episode that hopefully is dealt with more deeply into the next episodes. The new dynamic between Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, Captain Renard, Juliette, plus Nick, is really awesome and full of new future moments that will surely bring new life into the show. We only need Wu to finally know. Please writers, let it happen before the season ends.
  • Nick’s physical and emotional repercussions: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right? It seems that Kelly Clarkson’s song fits what Nick will be dealing with.  Nick will become a stronger Grimm, but his morality after his actions as a zombie will hopefully help Nick’s growth as a Grimm, a cop, a person, and a friend.
  • The first sign that Captain Sean Renard’s mother is alive: One of the things in our wish list came true! But does anyone wonder if Stefania could be Renard’s hexenbiest mother? It’s only my speculation, but it could turn into an interesting twist.
  • Captain Renard has kept the security tape of Nick. Could he use it in the future as a way to blackmail for his personal reasons?


Favorite quotes:

(Renard woges)

Captain Renard: Are you ok?

Hank: I wish I could do that.


(After getting hit by Zombie Nick)

Hank: Are you ok?

Juliette: No, that hurt, but I got to feel better than you guys.


(Adalind finishes the sewing of Frau Pech’s body with disgust)

Stefania: That’s enough. Cut the thread with your teeth and tie it off.

(Adalind looks at Stefani with disgust)

Stefania: Do it!

(Adalind tries to cut the thread with her teeth)


(In regard to Eric’s death in a car explosion)

Newscaster: All of Vienna is in mourning.

Captain Renard: All of Portland isn’t.


(After waking up)

Nick: Now that is a bad headache.


So those are a few of our thoughts about PTZD, the final wrap of the whole zombie storyline. You read our review now we would like to hear from you 🙂


So what do you think about PZD? What were your favorite moments? How do you think Nick will deal with the fact that zombie Nick killed someone? Do you like the new dynamic with the whole Grimm gang? Share with us your opinions.

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