Grimm Episode Review – 3×01 – The Ungrateful Dead

Season 3 of Grimm started with an action packed episode that felt like part one of the climax of a movie that began with 2×21 “The Waking Dead”, followed by the season two finale “Goodnight Sweet Grimm”. After watching the episode, it surely seemed that every regular character had a moment to shine.

The first 10 minutes were a bit slow due to the fact that the writers were trying to intertwine the last minutes of the season two finale with new footage from the perspective of Captain Renard. Once that part ends, the action begins and it never stops.


One disappointment in the episode is the lack of Eric Renard, who is only seen through already aired footage. Although his lack of presence is due to the unavailability of actor James Frain, it’s still felt that we didn’t get the chance to follow this storyline despite the importance of the character during season 2.


Despite the fact that Adalind’s storyline was separated from the main zombie story, it featured a great dynamic between Adalind and gypsy queen Stefania (Shohreh Aghdashloo).


Things I loved about the episode:

  • Captain Sean Renard showed the zombies that you shouldn’t mess with a prince/hexenbiest. The fight between Renard and the zombies was pretty awesome.
  • Wu finally gets a new outfit.
  • Zombie Nick was amazing. He was actually not extremely violent, since he actually was just defending himself from the attack of others or wanting them to stop shouting (due to his super hearing) during the bar scene; but that will probably change soon in the next episode. Nick was still a good guy, even as a zombie.
  • Stefania seemed to be enjoying the fact that Adalind was willing to do everything, including disgusting tasks, to regain her powers. Plus Adalind’s attitude towards every task she had to do was hilarious. She was annoyed by every task but still willing to do it!
  • Juliette and Rosalee find the method to save the zombies. This is the first time Juliette brings her scientific knowledge to the Grimm gang. She is going to come in handy for future battles!
  • I like the fact that Monroe and Hank cannot trust Captain Renard, because it creates the tension needed between the characters. Love that Monroe suggested building a small army of wesen to help rescue Nick. Just imagine Monroe, Rosalee, JulietteHank, Bud, and all the wesens that Nick has helped, together battling the royal family. That sounds awesome and a true reflection of Nick’s good character, he is not the “typical” grimm wesens fear.


Favorite quotes:

Monroe: I think it’s like popcorn. When it stops making noise, it’s done (when comparing the zombies to popcorn)


Wu: I think we have most of them…(a zombie falls in front of Wu) handled.


Stefania: In order to regain your Hexenbiest powers, you must know what she has seen, feel what she has touched, and walk a mile in her… feet.

Adalind: What?

Stefania: Not literally.

Adalind: Oh! Good.

Stefania: But you still have to cut out her hands, feet, and pluck out her eyes.


Rosalee: What about an inhalant?

Monroe: Do you mean we get them to smoke it? (excited)

Rosalee: No, breathe it. (eyeroll)


So those are some of our impressions about the much anticipated season 3 premiere, The Ungrateful Dead. We really enjoyed the episode and wanted it to be a 2 hour season premiere 🙂


So what do you think about The Ungrateful Dead? What were your favorite moments? How do you think Nick’s zombie storyline is going to end? Share with us your opinions.

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